Visiting Tijuana

If you are Visiting Tijuana for a Hair transplant, you need to know some few things. For example, Tijuana is the largest Mexican border city, just south of San Diego, CA. and we are located just 5 minutes driving time (2 miles) from the San Ysidro border crossing.

Driving Instructions

Neopel Hair Transplant is located minutes from the US / Mexico border, in the medical district of the city.

Most common ways to arrive:

  1. Driving or taking the San Diego trolley to the border and then taking a taxi cab.
  2. Driving to our building in Tijuana, Mexico.

If you are driving to the border, use Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 South to San Ysidro, CA., where you will find multiple parking lots that you can use. Once you park, walk across the border into Mexico, and take a yellow taxi cab located at the exit from the Mexican Customs Immigration area.

We recommend that you refrain from driving to our building, unless you are familiar with the city, the language and the local driving habits. Please be aware that your insurance company may not cover you while driving in Mexico.

Due to the complexity and possible implications of this matter, Neopel Hair Clinic does not give advise about migratory requirements; patients must be aware that even though they are traveling only a few blocks South of the border, they are engaging in an international trip, and will be subject to inspection. It is the patient’s sole responsibility to have all identification and migratory documents in order.


Patients visiting overnight may choose to stay in Tijuana,  Neopel Hair Transplant front desk personnel can help with different alternatives.

If you have any further questions about visiting tijuana for a hair transplant with Neopel Hair Clinic, please feel free to send us an email.